We believe that every company must continually demonstrate why it deserves to exist. We strive to not only be relevant but essential, within our sphere of influence, to the grower's success. This is accomplished by living our mission:

AgParts exists to deliver innovation to the agricultural industry with speed and accuracy and ensure farmers get the best value available.

Our core values:

  1. Continual pursuit of excellence – There is a passion for doing things the best possible way, a thirst for knowledge and curiosity about the world around us that drives us to ask the right questions and vigorously go after the answers.  We are concerned with acquiring the best thinking and not whose thinking it is.  We value the discipline to execute plans with wisdom and speed.  Our mark of excellence is found in every department; it’s in everything that we do.
  2. Personal accountability – AgParts holds high expectations of its entire people with the belief that we are all far more capable than our current condition.  Accountability is a means of achieving excellence, of rewarding success and improving on failures. 
  3. Selfless team effort and support of others – We believe in our collective abilities to achieve great things, where efforts are noticed, appreciated and rewarded.  We support each other.  AgParts’ culture helps everyone become better people and not just better employees.  We foster a selfless environment that helps make AgParts a great place to work. 
  4. Ultimate Partner – Delivering the best value to customers while forming responsive relationships where customers know we are their best partners and friends for achieving their business goals.  We have deep empathy for them.  We know what they want; we deliver it with speed, accuracy and with enthusiasm; we go the extra mile – performing beyond expectations.  Delivering the best value means we can honestly promote what is in the customer’s best interest.